Making Earth Cooler

Here at Wagebox, we are passionate about climate change and protecting our wonderful planet – and we know many of our users feel the same.

To protect the planet from irreparable decline, we need to keep global warming within 2 °C of current levels. As the 2018 IPCC report states, restoring 10 million square kilometres of forest is a key part of achieving this aim. ​

Which is why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with WeForest.

WeForest are a non-profit organisation, leading the forest restoration movement. They work closely with local communities, to not only support the world’s forest, but also to alleviate poverty in local communities.

WeForest help the planet, and the people most intimately affected by climate change; planting and regenerating over 28 million trees so far. We are proud to add to that number by pledging to fund the nurturing of the world’s forests. For every subscription to Wagebox, we will fund the growth of 1 tree.

Financial wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet can now go hand-in-hand.