What Have The Wagebox Team Been Up To?

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


With the rise of COVID-19, as a team, there were a number of new obstacles we had to overcome. And whilst we could have delivered a basic budgeting app earlier, we never set out to be basic.

To deliver on our promise: to create an app that improved financial wellbeing, we knew we had to delay our launch.

We know that with impact of the pandemic on everyone’s finances, our work has become more important than ever.

So, you might be wondering – what exactly have we been up to the last couple of months?

But first, let’s introduce ourselves.

Meet the Team

Both Tychay-Laurén andFrancis, like most start-up founders, have been working on pretty much everything. From funding to design decisions, to creating upcoming collaborations.

In late July we welcomed our new team member Patrick, who has come to work on our app software development. And Anna-Marie (me) has moved from a freelancer to a full-time position as Head of Communications.


Here’s what we’ve all been up to:

Features First

Patrick and our development team have been working around the clock on the app integration. Which, for us non-coding folk, simply means making the app work – aka when you click to withdraw money, you actually withdraw money.

Wagebox makes it possible to link numerous bank accounts all into one place (one of our proudest achievements!).

This means no more checking 3 or 4 different sites to know your whole financial situation.  Instead, all your accounts, including your pension will be streamlined into one neat app – handy, right? To do this, our team of developers have been creating a system where all your bank accounts can be linked swiftly and securely when you sign-up.

Next up was our favourite: the Cash Out – or“Get Paid Early” -  feature. This one lets you access the money you’ve earned, way before payday. Since, this is a relatively new innovation, it has certainly been a challenge, but it makes it –and we hope you’ll agree – totally worthwhile.

Another goal was to create the best User Experience possible.We have always wanted to make Wagebox easy to use. So, that’s exactly whatwe’ve done. We’ve made navigation smooth and straightforward, and we’ve added pop-ups to answer any questions you may have.

Fresh Paint

We’re a minimalist bunch. Clean, calm and simple is what we like. Which is why it was hard to part with our signature monochromatic look.

But don’t worry, it’s not entirely gone.

An app isn’t simply functional, it has a feel. A large part of your experience is visual. Recognising that, we conducted some research and decided to add two new colours into the mix - a soft mid-green and blue.

Tychay-Laurén and I believe we’ve found a perfect balance between adding vibrancy, and yet sticking to our classic calm aesthetic.

Reaching Out

As Head of Communications I’ve been working hard on thinking how we communicate better with our users. As a start-up, we have the freedom to be far more hands-on with all our users.

The delay, gave us all more time to think: what kind of brand do we want to be?


The idea of Wagebox was originated by Francis and Tychay as an app that was first and foremost, built with the user’s wellbeing in mind. So, it felt only right that we upped our communication with our existing customers. We aim now to provide valuable information through email, blog posts & our social media to help you improve your financial wellbeing day-to-day. As well as, of course, directly supporting you – the users.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Head of Communications