The Top 4 Black Financial Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Looking for some inspiration?

It’s no secret that representation matters, and the financial sphere is no exception. As a diverse team ourselves, we know this intimately. Fortunately, when it comes to Instagram’s financial influencers – or ‘finfluencers’ – there are many popular Black voices on the platform for us to look up to.

Here are just 4 of the influencers we are loving in 2020.

Bola Sol

BolaSol is a Financial Wellness Coach, who focuses on how you can improve your financial wellbeing and make money work for you.

She speaks at events, is one of three podcast hosts for The Last 3 Digits, and runs a lifestyle and money blog, where she covers the pressure of success in your 20s, the importance of mindset, and much more. Oh, and she runs two Instagram accounts.

Whew. This woman works hard.

Her first, and ‘personal’ account, @bola_sol provides both financial and general life advice. Here you get a sneak peek inside the life of an entrepreneur.She uses her voice to speak about important issues like keeping up with wellbeing practices and celebrating the beauty of afro hair.

Her second Instagram, gets more finance-specific, as hinted to by the name: @richgirlchronicles. Here she focuses in on topics like ‘5 Things to Do in Your 20’s To Become A Millionaire By 30’ and ‘8 Skills that Pay Off Forever. Here you’ll see bright, animated, concise but valuable advice. It’s a perfect pit-stop for those of us who don’t have the time to read long-form articles but still want to stay educated.

Bukiie Smart

Millennial personal finance coach, founder of savespendinvest and host of the The SaveSpend Invest Podcast.

If you’re looking for a purely financial hub, @savespendinvest is where you should be going. Frequent IGTV videos from Bukiie, slick brown and nude aesthetics, inspirational quotes, tips, tricks and Q&As make up the feed.

Her personal account @bukiiesmart  is a great follow also. The captions read more like mini eloquent blog posts. She writes about finding and following your passion, motivation (but without sugar-coating the hard work) and how her faith affects her outlook.

Her latest endeavour is the founding of ADAYA house, a premium sustainable fashion rental start-up, helping you save money and the planet all in one.

Anthony Copeman

Another great finfluencer – this time from across the pond – is Anthony Copeman, founder of Financial Lituation, a 1-on-1 financial coaching service to get you out of debt. He is also the creator of  $hares TV, the first black personal finance animation series helping millennials make the most of money.

Anthony self-identifies as a cultural architect/visionary. While he does have a personal Instagram (where he gets more political, personal and photo happy),  the juicy advice lies is in his @financiallituation Instagram, where he has accumulated over 11,000 followers.

The sleek yellow, blue and white design is filled with motivational quotes, quick-fire financial advice, and inspiration from black entrepreneurs such asDamon Dash or hip-hop star Lil Wayne.

It’s the place to be if you need a mindset change, whether that’s some positivity, or just a kick in the backside, this account has got you covered.

The account also pulls tweets from Anthony’s twitter account. One highlight is: ‘You can live below your means without living below your potential.’ We couldn’t agree more Anthony.


Yvonne Bajela

If you’re looking for a black woman to follow who’s smashing it in the world of finance, you’d struggle to find better than Yvonne Bajela.

Yvonne is a highly successful start-up investor and Founding Member of Impact X Capital– a venture capital fund that specialises in investing in companies led by underrepresented founders.

And this year, she made it onto the renowned Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list for Europe.

Her Instagram, @yvonnebajela,is comprised of, not just beautiful photos, but also of tips on staying focused, acing publics peaking as an introvert, productive mornings, and much more. While her advice is less finance-specific on her Instagram, as a woman who’s a pioneer in that field she’s a huge inspiration for anyone looking to “make it”.

And that’s a wrap!

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